Friday, June 18

Lyme Disease Cases Spike Concern For Tick Awareness – 9&10 News

The Leelanau Conservation District says an increase in moisture with  a combination of people spending more time outdoors, gives ticks the perfect conditions to thrive.

They say that’s creating an uptick in Lyme disease cases in Benzie and Leelanau Counties.

What they do is they kind of just hang on and put their arms out and wait for a host to walk by,” said Leelanau Conservation District assistant, Kelly Claar.

You can also be bit without even knowing it.

Claar says, “It’s a little chemical that they inject that opens up your blood vessels. It also contains a chemical that makes it so that you don’t feel it.”4a4caf73 1520 4413 B068 E661fdc06e0c

 The Leelanau Conversation District says ticks favorite spot to latch on is at the ankles, suggest tucking your pant leg into socks before heading out for a hike or bike ride.

“Most important, when you’re out in the woods or you’re hiking, just check yourself. Check your hairline, check your shoes line or your boot line,” said Claar.

There are simple ways to make sure you’re not taking any ticks home with you.

 “You can chop up a flee and tick collar and put that in your vacuum bag or in your vacuum canister and when you vacuum you can get any ticks up and then they die inside the canister,” Claar said. “If you’re hiking and you come back and you’re not sure about your clothes, you can throw them in the dryer for five minutes because that dries them out.”

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